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Web sites Responsive Design or Adaptive Diseño.

Maquetamos and we structured your website so that it can be visualized in the different types from movable devices, from computers to tablets and mobiles. This technique receives the name of Website “responsive?.

One is to redimension and to place the elements of the Web so that they adapt to the width of each device allowing a correct visualization and one better experience of user. It is characterized because layouts (contained) and images are fluid and average-queries code of CSS3 is used.

Our managed VPS hosting allows to reduce the time of development, it avoids the duplicated contents, and it increases the viralidad of the contents since it allows to share them of a fast and much more natural form. The design Web responsive consolidates as one of the best practices nowadays in design Web.

Design of Landing Pages

We also realise specific designs for campaigns of marketing, launching of products, easy and simple fast form. The design of Landing Pages (landing pages/destiny) is fundamental at the time of creating a campaign of successful publicity.

The good one armed of Landing Pages in a campaign, can much more generate an increase of leads of 400% and since the user would enter a page that totally is prepared for the announcement by which it came and from where can precise realise the consultation of the product or service. This service goes of the hand of the service of Email Marketing.