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How to form an account MGP in Outlook Express


To go TOOLS soon and ACCOUNTS.

Clickee MAIL soon TO ADD and in the pull-down menu MAIL In NAME TO SHOW/to DISPLAY YAM enters its complete name.

It selects the FIRST OPTION and soon it enters his Email in Email address.

In the pull-down menu it selects POP3, in SERVANT OF INCOMING MAIL, writes the name of his servant POP3 (mail.su_dominio), in SERVANT OF SALIENT MAIL writes his servant the name of his servant smtp (mail.su_dominio).

In the name of the ACCOUNT the user of the mail account writes (the name of the account of complete mail) soon enters the password of the email account and brands the square REMEMBERS the PASSWORD.


It returns to the account and it clicks in properties, or double click on the same, goes to the lapel “Servants? and brands where My servant says “requires authentication? clicks in accepting.

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