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FTP - General information


It remembers that to publish his site it needs to have the data.

SERVANT OF FTP/FTP Host address www.su_dominio *

USER/USER its name of user **

KEY/PASSWORD its password **


If its domain not yet solves with our servants, it can use direction IP of the servant provisorily (in case of not counting on this data, please dpto of services to the client communicates with ours so that we can provide it).

NOTE: If you own a shared connection to Internet remembers to activate the square passively/USES PASV MODE

If the plan is UNIX: It remembers that it must raise his site within folder PUBLIC_HTML and its page of beginning must be called index (with some of the extensions: .html, .htm, .shtml, .cgi, .php3, .php, .wml) also remember that his UNIX servant is marries sensitive that is to say, makes differences between capital letters and small letters.

It does not erase the folders (ex. premises-cgi) that is in their domain, since these are used for the operation of their site.

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