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Know did you that you can register more of a domain for his webpage?


The registry of diverse domains can be useful in several aspects. The registry of multiple extensions for the same name, for example and, is a form to assure its brand that, this way, could not be registered by another one. It is possible to direccionar the access from several domains for a main domain. 

You can also use domains with extensions different as part from his strategy to communicate with the public of other countries and to create several sites in local languages. 

Variations of their name of domain can be registered to guarantee that their site is found more easily, even if the user commits an error of tipeo of his name or he exactly does not know how to write the name of his webpage. 

On the other hand, different names from domains can be registered and to be associate to sites with special promotions, for an advertising campaign in particular, to emphasize an event, to send a product, that is to say, can be used a new name of domain to promote something, even of temporary character. 

Also a domain can be registered .com or .net and to use only the service of e-mail and to have more professional means to communicate, with the name of its company or its brand, instead of using generic services of e-mail (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).

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