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I cannot send mail


This type of error can be due to multiple reasons, we will enumerate here most common. Nevertheless this could be having to another type of disadvantage. In this I complete case, we will recommend that dpto of services to the client communicates with ours.

· Make sure to have formed its account MGP of the way correctly deciphers in the previous point. (In Outlook Express this is in Tools/Tools, Accounts/Accounts, and soon clickeando to see the properties of the selected account).

· Its domain makes sure already that this registered and/or delegated our servants DNS.

· Working correctly makes sure that its connection to Internet this.

· Perhaps the error is due that not this branded the option of authentication of the smtp (that is to say authentication with user and key to send mail). In this case the corresponding option in the client will be due to brand of mail that this using.


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