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I do not see my page of beginning correctly.


This disadvantage is caused generally for an essential reason, in principle the beginning page must be within the folder /public_html root (or the folder by defect in the NT plans), be called index and have some of the extensions mentioned in point 5,2 of general information. Make sure that this is thus, and that the called page index this within the folder /public_html root. (or the folder by defect in the NT plans).

The reason can be given an error is if within the folder root exist two archives with the name index, and the extension of one has major priority that the one of the other, as also it is mentioned in point 5,2, then side when loading the site by the http://www.su_dominio direction,

page that greater precedence has in its extension. Reason why if this it is the case, it will have to eliminate the file index that has the extension of greater priority to the one of its own page of beginning and then it would take the one that you wish as main. If for some reason it needs that both archives index are in the folder root, makes sure that the index that must appear

as beginning page has major priority in its extension.

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