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Name of domain. Delegation of the domain. As they are our DNS


DNS is the abbreviation corresponding to Domain Name System (system of domain names) and it talks about the servant who acts as leader of each name of website. For example, the direction would appear (once finished the delegation proceeding) aimed at the direction of the DNS of Corpax that are specified more down. This allows each supplier of Internet (by means of its own server DNS) to direccionar the connection to each site to its corresponding DNS (in this case, from its site to the DNS of Corpax). When arriving the connection at the DNS of Corpax, these servants direccionan each service to their corresponding servant. So that so that the search of the site is completed successfully the data of the delegation will have to be correct and the supplier of Internet by means of which the connection to the site takes place, it must have updated this information in his own servants DNS. This does that the name of the domain this correctly “pointed? at the servant in who the archives lodged of the website. 

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