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To raise the site by FTP


FTP is a protocol that is used to transfer archives from a machine to another one, its meaning is File Transfer Protocol that is to say, file transfer protocol, to publish its site in our servants you you have several you form to do it (by FTP, FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver, etc…).

If you development your site with FrontPage 2000 and use active forms and/or accountants, must publish your site with Front Page 2000, since if she uses other means the active components

and/or the accountants would not work correctly. (this happens since they corrupt the extensions of FrontPage 2000, and in that case it would be necessary to reinstate them from the Control Panel).

If you development your site with other programs we recommended to him to use a program FTP as CUTE FTP since it is a program very good and quite simple to use.


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