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I made the delegation 2 days ago and I do not see my page


This can be due to the following causes:

· The site not yet finished its delegation or the proceeding is still in course, and/or the DNS of the suppliers of Internet not yet updated their information so that the site by the main direction http://www.su_dominio can be found. In these cases it remains as far as possible to hope that this update is realised, other 48 hours more. And also it influences the time in which the DNS of the suppliers of Internet take the new information to solve their site by means of the main direction. 

· It is probable that servants DNS (system of names of domains) of their supplier of Internet, are not working correctly and/or does not even have updated the correct data corresponding to the name of its domain. Reason why it will have to wait, if one is a temporary problem of his supplier of Internet, or delayed update of his DNS, or in it completes instance to communicate with dpto. technician of its supplier of the service of connection to Internet.

· The conducted delegation this bad one, and therefore the step will have to begin itself again, to modify the data of delegation of the domain to the DNS of specified RecoverEmail in point 1.2.1. This can happen, if the data for the delegation of the domain (DNS) are not the correct ones, therefore the connection to the site is not possible until this situation is rectified.

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