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What are the domains and how one classifies them?


The domain realises the function to vice versa tie names to directions of Protocol of Internet (IP) and. Each servant in Internet has his direction IP, represented by a series of four separated numbers by points (for example, But, as with the telephone numbers, these long series of numbers can be difficult to remember. The domain allows the people to use names instead of numbers to accede to pages of Internet and to send e-mail messages. 

The extension to the extreme right in a name of domain (as .com or .net) is denominated domain of first level, or TLD (Top Domain). 

It has more than 270 types of domains of first level: 

- The international TLDs generic not sponsored (gTLDs), or domains, are .com, .net, .org, .int, .arpa, .biz, .info, .name and .pro. The TLDs sponsored do not operate without any sponsoring organization and frequently they have less restrictions for the sponsored registry that the TLDs.
- The TLDs generic sponsored (gTLDs) include to .edu, .gov, .mil,
 .aero, to.cooper, .museum, .jobs, .mobi, .travel, .tel, .cat, and .asia. A TLD sponsored is a specialized domain that has a sponsor that represents the community which it serves TLD. 
- The TLDs of two letters (.br,, .mx, .uk, .de, etc.) correspond to the official abbreviations of more than 250 countries and territories. These domains are denominated TLDs with codes of countries or ccTLDs, in brief form. Each owns an operator of designated registry, that operates ccTLD according to the local politics (for example, to register a name in some ccTLDs, it is necessary to be the resident premises). 

The registry of the international domains .com and .net it is a simple and objective process and can be realised by any person, organization or company, and it does not demand any type of specific documentation. One is well-known and used domains good at world-wide level that visibility and credibility provide, in addition to guaranteeing the identity of his business in Internet.

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