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Shipment of short news items and bulletins

Every time it is more important to be present somehow in the day to day online of our community.
It is perhaps for this reason, that the shipment of newsletters periodic (or the traditional communication through email) continues being one of average the more cash to contact with our potential readers and/or clients.

Why you would have to regularly send to your subscribers and/or clients a short news item?

And the fastest and simple answer would be because at present all institution, SME or business, without concerning its size, need to maintain some type of bond or minimum communication with its affiliates, suscriptos, or clients to try fidelizar them.

In addition, to send a campaign with certain regularity that maintains them better official notices, becomes something fundamental for whatever it wants to inform or it wishes to offer some type to them on watch in Internet.

Characteristics of the system of shipments

Access via Web: The management system completely is developed for Web.

Imports and Subscriptions of its Contacts: The system allows you to incorporate your subscribers of several forms. You can concern your contacts from several formats available taking advantage of all the information on which you count.

Filters and administration of Lists: You have powerful tools to the semiautomatic management of the lists of your contacts. You can filter them and group them by anyone of the fields, purify them according to the effectiveness index, divide them by conditions of filters or amounts, among others very useful functions.

Customized lists: A list of contacts is not only limited to store its name and email, you can create the fields that you need for your complete management. You will even be able to take advantage of them to personalize your shipments, including additional and specific information in each message, as for example, states of debt, date of birthday, photos, special price list, etc.

Programming of campaigns: When you create an email campaign Marketing you can send it right away or program so that it begins in day and schedule according to your preferences. The same can be sent with much precision to certain group or filter of your contacts or subscribers.

Graphical reports of excellence: One of the distinguishing advantages is the simplicity with which it presents all the evolution of a campaign of email Marketing and with reports in real time. You will be able to analyze of graphical way and with sent, read, bounced, desuscriptos details emails, etc.; as thus also identifying to each one of the click (links) used in the message.

You knew that?

The messages sent with a subject (subjet) smaller to 35 characters are between a 5% and 15% more leidos than when they have one very long one.

When the sender identifies clearly to your company and you personalize the distinguishing messages with 2 or more fields, you obtain a yield very superior.

Your messages probably are considered not wished, if you use in the subject words as free, special supply, promotion, signs or if you write completely in capital letters.

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