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Paper. The platform without precedents.

The platform of the newspaper gives access him to an increasing universe of articles, blogs and content multimedia. It processes automatically more than 25 million articles in daily form.

Your you can indicate to us, if it you wish, your own sources of content, or the thematic content to consult; of that way, we will give priority to the average rss and will add filters to reflect better the type of content that you wish.
The platform is compatible with the sources of Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, RSS, as well as almost any other type of content of all the Web.
From the newspaper you will be able to offer relevance content. To define the subjects that you wish and the language that you speak to your public, including the look-and-feel and the brand. To promote. To let grow its hearing, and its business.
The readers can subscribe easily to your newspaper and receive a by email electronic notification for each new edition.

The platform offers a complete set of tools to help to promote your business. Your website or blog can be sent messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, be created e-mail bulletins, and even be added to content to. It is designed to help you to interact with your contacts and clients.
It includes publication online in and campaign of traffic of objective group.

Some of created newspapers: